AANN Advocacy Committee


Policy Statement

AANN is committed to influencing legislation and public policy that advance neuroscience nursing as a specialty and excellence in patient care.


As the AANN defines the scope of its advocacy work, legislative and regulatory advocacy can include working on its own or in coalition on the development of policy statements on specific issues, educating or lobbying (i.e. making direct appeals to) policymakers on specific issues or proposals, endorsing or commenting on legislative or regulatory proposals or guideline statements, activating members to comment on a policy proposal, or tracking legislation and votes.


Develop and implement the advocacy program that will allow AANN to respond to various endorsements and initiatives by following a systematic process to prioritize requests while defining advocacy activities that will be compatible with the mission, vision and strategic direction of the association.

Advocacy Tool Kit

The purpose of the advocacy tool kit is to educate, inform, and encourage people interested in healthcare issues to become knowledgeable about the legislative process and become involved in health policy advocacy. Please use this information to take action to support neuroscience nurses to improve the nation's healthcare system.

Click here to access the AANN Advocacy Tool Kit.

The Nursing Community

AANN has decided to participate in The Nursing Community. This collaboration helps AANN address nursing issues. The Nursing Community is a forum for national professional nursing associations to build consensus and advocate on a wide spectrum of healthcare and nursing issues, including practice, education, and research.

Started in 2002 to help unify the voice of the profession on Capitol Hill, the Nursing Community has determined the funding request level for Title VII Nursing Workforce Development programs. Collectively, the Nursing Community is comprised of 57 national nursing organizations that represent nearly one million practicing nurses, nursing students, and nursing faculty. To review the efforts of the Nursing Community, visit www.thenursingcommunity.org.

IOM Task Force

Integrating the IOM Future of Nursing Report into the AANN Strategic Plan

AANN's response to the 2010 IOM report and how the association plans to integrate the recommendations and inspire nurses to lead. Published March 2012.

IOM Task Force PowerPoint

PowerPoint from the IOM Task Force "Understanding the AANN Future of Nursing White Paper: Changes to AANN's Future." This PowerPoint was created by the Task Force as a tool to implement the AANN White Paper.

Position Statements

AANN Position Statement on the Value of Certification in Neuroscience Nursing

AANN Position Statement on the Impact of Neuroscience Nursing on Quality of Care and Health Outcomes

Nurse in Washington Internship (NIWI)

Advocacy Committee chair Catherine Deutsch, MSN, ARNP, AGACNP-BC, CNRN, CCRN represented AANN at the Nurse in Washington Internship (NIWI) program in March 2016. Scholarships for the 2017 NIWI program will be available in Fall 2016 on the NIWI website.

Catherine Deutsch and other nurse advocates at the 2016 NIWI Conference

Read Catherine's Report.